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Beautiful Camp Testimonial!


RUTH’S SUMMER SPORTS & SWIMMING CAMP (TESTIMONIAL AND REVIEW) I enrolled my children Michael and Anthony to Ruth’s Summer Sports & Swimming Camp which is a high-end summer camp in the west island in Dollard-des-Ormeaux at the Westpark Pool on the island of Montreal. This summer camp has highly qualified lifeguards and teachers to teach safety in and out of the water and good swimming skills in the water. My kids have attended this summer camp for two years and some of the reasons for me to enroll my children in this summer camp is that they develop confidence in the water and they learn to swim. My children Michael and Anthony weren’t able to swim before they attended this summer camp and now not only can they swim but are improving with their swimming skills and safety skills and demonstrate confidence in the water which is impressive for young children who are now 8 years old and 7 years old and makes me proud and happy as a parent. This summer camp also has professional highly qualified teachers and supervisors and an excellent energetic, enthusiastic professional, compassionate and caring owner of this unique and great summer camp, Ruth Assouline. Ruth who has some people nickname her as Aunt Ruthy, brings memories of our favourite Aunt but no one comes close to Ruth who gives the best service with her staff to the parents and the children who are part of this wonderful summer camp. The arts and crafts and entertainment with the staff in special costumes are part of the wonderful experience for the parents and children. These activities that the children, staff of the summer camp and parents when they participate in the activities are fun, educational and keeps our minds and bodies active which reciprocates good feelings and happy emotions among each other. My kids love this summer camp and they also expressed their pure emotions and said, “I wish this summer camp lasts forever” and “These are the best days of our lives” because sometimes I spend time with my children at this summer camp with some close friends. The warm ambiance of this special place is priceless when the children, parents and people that are in that Westpark Pool and recreational places in the park are happy and relaxed. I also decided to enroll my children in this summer camp because my children and I have developed close and deep relationships and friendships with some people at the Westpark Pool and park which includes the owner Ruth Assouline and her family. Parents, children and friends cultivate and harvest cherished and priceless memories at Ruth’s Summer Sports & Swimming Camp and at this special place at the Westpark Pool and recreational areas at the park. Sincerely, Cosimo Carmosino. (Proud and Happy Father) Written By: Cosimo Carmosino.