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Harry Potter Package

Harry Potter Party Package
The Harry Potter Party Package is the perfect choice if your child loves the magic of the Wizarding World! The highlight of this party is getting to meet Harry and Hermione, who have come all the way from Hogwarts to visit your child. The package could include Harry Potter themed games, a Harry Potter themed craft, a magical potion activity and a photo with Harry and Hermione. Don’t miss out on a birthday filled with magic, wonder and fun!
So for this package, I have a few ideas. The craft could be to make a Harry Potter tie (the characters all wear ties with the colours of their houses) that would match our ties or a frame with the harry potter colours where they could put their picture with Harry and Hermione. Then we could either do a “magic potion” exhibition for the kids, where we explain crazy ingredients and what the potion does (maybe make them say a magic word and add an ingredient that will make it bubble up all fun), or we could do an activity with hoola hoops, balls and broomsticks (anything they could hold between their legs, like even a noodle or a racquet would do). The idea would be to mimic things that the characters in the movies do in school. I also have a longer craft for making wands that is fun, but it takes a little more time and would probably be the main activity of the party. Every package would end with a group picture and getting to ask Harry/Hermione a few questions about the secrets of the Wizarding World (Matt and I are very knowledgable about the movies/books AND also very quick on our feet, so this would not be a problem whatsoever).
Let me know what you think about the ideas… I’m sure I could come up with more because, as you can probably tell, I love Harry Potter.harry potter brook & matt great harry potter picture