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How Does Auntie Ruth Do It ?!

We have just finished our first week of wonderful summer camp, and we continue into week #2 Treasure Island.

The youthful life, atmosphere, and happy Faces within the camp will continue.

She is quite simply, a woman who never stops. If you ask Ruth Assouline how she manages to run a summer camp/party service and a cafeteria during the school year, the dynamic west island residents says its all a matter of proper planning and the love she has for children and teenagers.

Ruth’s philosophy is Stressing Cooperation rather than competition, Ruth’s children’s productions Camp de sport & natation administered to the “whole child,” helping them built confidence through positive reinforcement.

“Each experience is a positive, creative and rewarding, allowing the child to grow and mature into learning how to make the right choices,” says educated mother of three. Her caring and qualified staff is also there with open arms to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

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