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Candy Buffet Tables


Multi Colour themes available

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Product Description

A Candy Buffet is a fantastic way to encourage conversation and mingling among your guests, while also enhancing the visual aesthetic of your venue. Our gorgeously arranged tables are guaranteed to take the WOW factor of your event to the next level! All of our Candy Buffets are custom tailored to suit the unique personality of your party and are constructed using a diverse assortment of sweets, from childhood favourites such as lollipops and bubblegum to more sophisticated selections, including dark chocolate covered espresso beans and assorted truffles.

A Candy Buffet is pure pleasure for the eyes and palate!

Colourful tables overflowing with beautiful, tasty candy for your guests to enjoy at your event or take home as a gift. With a never ending selection of beautiful candy from all over the world, we can custom create and decorate your candy table to suit your event and your unique style.All of our Candy Buffets are custom mad just for you, tailoring the candy selection, colors and decorations to match the theme and colors of your event.

Candy Buffets can add a finishing touch to any wedding or event. Let us take care of all your needs!

Book in advance and call us for available dates: (514)569-0900.

A Candy Buffet is perfect for any occasion